Spotlight on Ancient Beauty: How Sheetal Rawal is Making Ayurveda Mainstream

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«In a world increasingly drawn to natural wellness, Ayurveda stands as more than just an alternative; it’s a tradition undergoing a renaissance,» states Sheetal Rawal, the founder of Apsara Skin Care, illuminating the growing trend of holistic beauty.

Sheetal Rawal, a former scientist specializing in human genetics, embarked on a noteworthy journey, morphing her passion for Ayurveda into a pioneering skincare brand. Her venture, Apsara Skin Care, merges ancient wisdom with modern sensibilities, offering a distinctive array of natural skincare solutions.

Her transformative experiences with natural skin care and Ayurveda motivate Sheetal in her quest to popularize these practices. Her mission extends to a broad, contemporary audience seeking genuine, nature-based solutions.

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A Mission Built on Personal Experience


Sheetal’s path from a clinical scientist in human genetics to a maven of natural skin care is extraordinary. Starting as a hobby, her interest in homemade skin care preparations laid the foundation for Apsara Skin Care. «It began during my pre-teen years, experimenting with spices and herbs for skincare,» she recalls. This early experimentation, fueled by a personal struggle with acne and a dedication to cruelty-free, natural living, sparked her transition from a structured scientific career to the dynamic world of Ayurvedic beauty.

Apsara Skin Care originated from Sheetal’s deep belief in Ayurveda’s healing powers and her own experiences with its efficacy. The brand’s inception responded to her search for skincare that was wholesome, reflecting her holistic approach to health and beauty. Her background as a genetics expert played a role in her kitchen experiments, which soon transformed her kitchen into a laboratory filled with essential oils, herbal extracts, and other natural ingredients.

«At that point, I realized my calling was shifting. Though genetics was my initial path, creating these natural formulations became my passion,» Sheetal Rawal reflects. This epiphany marked the start of her entrepreneurial journey. She transformed two rooms of her house, one into a laboratory and the other for storage, beginning her venture into entrepreneurship.

Within just a year of dedicated experimentation, Apsara Skin Care was established. Sheetal’s dedication to skin-friendly and environmentally sustainable products created a unique place for Apsara in a market dominated by synthetic products. Her distinct blend of Ayurvedic knowledge and scientific insight has made Apsara a leader in natural Ayurvedic skincare.


From Sheetal’s Lab to the World


Sheetal Rawal’s innovative approach to bringing Ayurvedic skincare, an Indian healing practice dating back over 5000 years, to a broader audience has been multifaceted. Introducing their flagship product, ROOP Saffron Bright Skin Potion, was a milestone in creating new natural skincare standards. This serum demonstrated the efficacy of traditional ingredients.

Additionally, Sheetal is focused on expanding Apsara Skin Care’s product range to meet the varied needs of their growing market. Their high-quality, cruelty-free products, including the Ayurvedic Vitamin C Natural Glow Serum and Rosemary & Amla Hair Oil, have gained

popularity. The recent launch of Sacred Goddess Ayurvedic Creamy Lip Color further elevates Apsara’s presence in the mainstream market.

Beyond product innovation, Sheetal emphasizes public education. She shares her Ayurvedic knowledge through blogs, podcasts, and videos, empowering individuals to discover the effectiveness of natural ingredients. These educational efforts also extend to promoting lifestyle practices that augment skincare, offering a holistic approach to beauty and wellness.

“Our goal at Apsara Skin Care is to ignite a shift in beauty norms, appealing to modern consumers actively seeking healthier, sustainable skincare options,” Sheetal Rawal emphasizes.


Stepping into Natural Holistic Beauty


The industry’s move towards natural and Ayurvedic skincare, pioneered by brands like Apsara Skin Care, faces challenges. Some argue that a natural approach requires a consistent, healthy lifestyle, a significant commitment for many. This viewpoint suggests natural products are most effective when combined with lifestyle changes.

Acknowledging this, Sheetal highlights the role of balance and education in natural skincare. Apsara’s mission includes informing consumers about lifestyle choices that complement skincare routines.

«We have made significant progress, but there’s more to do. That’s why my experimentation is ongoing. Our primary aim is to integrate Ayurvedic skin and hair care into everyday life,” she concludes.

Sheetal Rawal’s love for Ayurveda distinguishes her in a rapidly evolving world. Her brand, Apsara Skin Care, draws on ancient wisdom to set new standards in beauty, promoting healthier lifestyle choices.

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