Meet the Right 2 Fitness™ Founders: A Marriage Made in (Fitness) Heaven

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Getting fit after 30 can often feel like a lonely pursuit. But it doesn’t have to be.

 Meet husband and wife team Derek and Vanessa Lettich, the entrepreneurial pair behind the growing online fitness empire Right 2 Fitness™, which offers personalized fitness coaching for women over 30.

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Derek and Vanessa’s journey into the realm of fitness entrepreneurship began with a realization—that a woman’s slowing metabolism and subsequent weight gain after the age of 30 is largely down to one simple factor: muscle loss.

Relight My Fire

It was this insight that led Derek and Vanessa to develop the proprietary training formula behind Right 2 Fitness’ burgeoning success — The Metabolic Ignition System™.

 «We wanted to create something that not only addresses the metabolic slowdown but also empowers women to sculpt their dream bodies,» says Derek.

 As Derek and Vanessa explain, “The Metabolic Ignition System™ is not just another cookie-cutter fitness program. It’s a meticulously crafted regimen that consists of three key steps: ACTIVATE, BUILD, and SCULPT.”

ACTIVATE is designed to ‘wake up’ dormant muscle. BUILD focuses on lean muscle growth via specially-created resistance training exercises, and SCULPT helps to shed fat, tone up, and promote a shapely figure via meticulously-crafted nutrition plans. «We realized that traditional weight loss methods were failing women, especially those over 30 whose metabolisms had slowed due to muscle loss,» Derek explains. “They were all built on outdated thinking, like dieting and cardio. Our system is based on activating and building lean muscle, which is not only proven to reignite a slowing metabolism, but helps shed fat and sculpt the kind of lean and toned physique that every woman wants.”

A Personal Touch

But what truly sets Right 2 Fitness™ apart is its personalized approach. «Unfortunately when we started Right 2 Fitness™, there was just not enough education, resources or trusted information out there concerning women’s health. We wanted to change that. The first step was understanding that every woman is unique, with her own body type, goals, lifestyle, schedule, and food preferences,» says Derek. «That’s why we tailor The Metabolic Ignition System™ to fit each individual.»

For Derek and Vanessa, Right 2 Fitness™ is more than just a business—it’s a shared passion. «We’re in this together, every step of the way,» says Vanessa. «Our partnership not only strengthens our business but also fuels our determination to make a positive impact on the lives of others.»

Their dedication has not gone unnoticed. Right 2 Fitness™ has quickly gained recognition for its effectiveness and personalized approach, attracting women from all walks of life who are eager to embark on their fitness journey with the support of people who truly care about the women they serve.

As they continue to empower women to unlock their full potential, Derek and Vanessa Lettich serve as a shining example of what can be achieved through passion and partnership. «We believe that every woman has a right to fitness. The right to feel confident and strong, regardless of age or background,» says Vanessa. «And we’re making that vision a reality—one woman at a time.»

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